Coxswains - A Critical Seat

The Cox’n is the Coach in the boat.

The Cox’n is the Coach in the boat.


Quick story. My team at Dartmouth qualified for the first Women’s NCAA Rowing Championship. The first championship was a big deal. Everyone’s administrators came to see what it was all about. When I shoved my crews for practice, my administrator asked what she could do for us while I was out coaching. “Nothing,” I said. “I’m not allowed to go out.” “What?" She paused before asking, “Who is going to run practice?” “The coxswains,” I said. A longer pause before she asked, “So, the coxswain is you in the boat?” “Yes.” “And the coxswain has full responsibility for the safety of the crew and the equipment?” “Yes.” “And that’s true of all of the other teams?” “Yes.” “Well, if you ever need help recruiting coxswains in the future, you be sure to let me know. They have an incredible responsibility.” ~ Barb Grudt, Director


At camp, the coxswains are guided by our designated Coxswain Coach. Each coxswain is assigned to a crew. They participate in daily on-land clinics, where they learn about the following topics.

  • Role on the team

  • Technique & Drills

  • Technology

  • Race Strategy

  • Psychology, Physiology & Motivation

  • Rigging

Coxing is a complex job!

Coxing is a complex job!

Putting it all together on the water

Putting it all together on the water

leadership & fun

The coxswains put everything together on the water with their crew. There, they have the opportunity to work directly with two expert collegiate rowing coaches throughout the week. The week ends with an intra-camp scrimmage.

Our coaches all live on site.

*Coxswain Special: Recommended when all of our cox’n seats are full. Participate in the full program. Ride with coaches on the water and see practice from their point of view.